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School Honors
Meet our Alumni
Meet our Alumni
Dinghai Wang
Dinghai Wang founded Jiangbin Education Technology Company.

Ya Hong
Yan Hong founded Taiyan Trade Company Itd
Yan Li
Yan Li founded Ouxin Import &Export Trade Company Itd.

Lijun Wu
Lijun Wu has won the National Champion of IEEE/IBM Smart Earth Competition, the Second Prize of Mathematical Contest in Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, and the First Prize of Youth Business Development Competition, China’s Dream.
Tiefeng Xu
Tiefeng, Xu graduated from University of Essex in 2008. He is now the CEO of ShenFa Group.
Guanxin Xu
Guanxin Xu has become a Doctor of Medicine at Zhejiang University.
Holly Wang
Holly Wang founded Miss Patina­, a Britain Garment Brand. She received the honors of  “Excellent Example of Foreign Students in Britain ”and“Young Leader of China” by Education Council of Britain.
Jianwei Zhang
After graduating from California University, Bill Zhang created a bicycle brand named "Aventon".
Yaoting Lu
Donna Lu graduated from London University Donna Lu joined the charitable foundation "Rainbow Plan " after she graduated from London University (UK) with a master s degree.
Lingling Hu
As a top student of Zhuji Private High School, Lingling Hu obtained her Master's Degree in Education Science from Oxford University in 2013 and was also offered a scholarship from Cambridge University.She received offers from both Oxford and Cambridge University.